Golf Club Fitting on Long Island, NY

Bresnan Golf offers a comprehensive golf club fitting and repair services to cover all of your equipment needs. Custom-fit golf clubs will make a big difference in your game no matter your skill level. During the fitting process, we use the top major golf brands and manufacturers in the industry such as  Mizuno, Titleist and more.  

Using state-of-the-art technologies, such as FlightScope’s patented swing and ball trajectory analysis technology (pictured), we can build a set of clubs designed specifically for you.

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The BodiTrak pressure mat gives feedback on a golfer’s balance. BodiTrak captures a golfers balance pattern Indoors, Outdoors, Uphill, Downhill, On the putting green and In the sand trap. BodiTrak balance systems have been used for nearly a decade in rehabilitation medicine research.

Get Measured

flight scope golf club fitting long island

Your Club Fitting starts with hitting your current clubs so we can measure distances and shot dispersion to determine your needs.  This will also serve as a good comparison to what the benefits will be as you test new equipment in finding the exact fit.

Fit Clubs

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We will assemble different club and shaft combinations to match your swing specifications. You’ll hit the suggested clubs while your Club Fitter compares and explains measurable results of the test clubs versus your current equipment.

Order Clubs

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After we have determined the best clubs for your game, we can order immediately from the manufacturer. The clubs will be custom built to your exact specifications and delivered directly to us for verification.

Club Delivery

custom golf club fitting long island ny

When your custom built clubs arrive we will inspect the clubs to ensure the perfect fit. You’ll then come to pick them up and take them on the course!

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