Are you struggling with your golf game?  Can’t figure out how to fix that slice or hook?
Taking golf lessons whether you are just staring out or are a PGA Tour player is all part of improving your game.  At Colonial Springs Golf Club we have one of the best golf instructors on Long Island to help you become a better player.
PGA Professionals are uniquely skilled at assessing your game and can help you:
  • Work with you on posture
  • Assess your golf course management skills
  • Improve your putting
  • Make adjustments to your swing
  • Video your swing to show you where you need correction
  • Hit the ball longer and straighter
  • Make sure your equipment is fitted properly for your swing
All of this can lead to game improvement and more fun. There are three primary types of lessons;
  • Private lessons —  You will get one one-on-one golf instruction
  • Group lessons — Multiple people such as friends or family can join you at the golf lesson
  • Clinics — Golf clinics are typically offered to a small to medium-sized ground.  There is usually a focus such as chipping, putting, short game, or the full swing.
In short, if you want to play better golf … take a lesson on Long Island, NY with PGA Professional Bill Bresnan.  We are located at Colonial Springs Golf Club.  Enjoy our beautiful grass driving range and short-game area when you take a lesson.  
Wherever your golf journey is heading, let’s us help you get there.